HB952 – Card Ceck Bill

Dear HIBOA Member or Associate,

Please offer testimony to your legislator in opposition to the CARD CHECK BILL – HB 952 relating to Labor.

This bill (also referred to as “card check”) has serious implications for Hawaii’s workers, businesses, and economy.

As you may know, the Governor vetoed a similar bill last year. The House will be voting on this bill on Tuesday, March 10. Please call, fax, email, or write your Legislator and ask them to vote no.

If you need assistance locating the contact information for your legislator, please visit the website: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/site1/house/house.asp

Attached is a copy of the current version of the bill: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2009/Bills/HB952_HD1_.HTM

Thank you,

Bill Comerford,
Hawaii Bar Owners Association
10 Marin Lane Honolulu, HI 96813


Below is a Sample Testimony:

Opposition to HB952 Union Card Check Legislation

Dear Legislator,

Regarding: House Bill 952 Union Card Check Legislation
Position: Strongly opposed

2/2/09 I am writing to you in opposition to HB 952 on behalf of the Hawaii Bar Owners Association (HiBOA), a group representing 105 Bars in Hawaii. We, as a group, would oppose this bill.

Regrettably, we understand what it is like to be unrepresented and know that a vote is an important part of our democratic system. The nature of this bill denies the employee the right to a secret ballot and the loss of individual rights. We are sympathetic to this problem.

Likewise, we feel that the union rights should not overstep individual rights. Majority rule can be good or bad but it is the way of democracy. Please support Democratic principle over union pressure.

Lastly, as employers we do our best for our staffs. We usually find ourselves in an anti-union position given that amiable relationships help our industry and oppositional positions do not foster the hospitality vital in our industry. We prefer to remain in an amicable position with our employees and want to do the best for them. It is difficult enough to operate a small business here. We should not be making it more difficult.

We strongly urge you to vote in opposition to HB952.

Thank you for your consideration.


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