HB1175 – Tax increase on Tobacco!


Aloha Everyone,

If you have never taken the time to participate in the past, this is the one time
that you absolutely must.

I would even suggest forwarding this email to any like-minded individuals you know.

HB1175 Tax increase on Tobacco will increase the tax on each pack to $40.
That’s right! … A state tax of $40 per carton.

The hearing is set for Thursday April 2, 2009 at 9:30 AM in conference room 211.

Get this … They will not be allowing any (and I mean ANY) verbal testimony.
This means you must email your testimony by Wednesday April 1 at 5:00 PM
or you can kiss any reasonable taxation goodbye!

I need you to blind copy to me at jtenn10@aol.com for our records.
We might need them in the future to prove that there was indeed public opposition
to this insane legislation.

Please submit written testimony in opposition to:


The Subject Line of your email should read:
Opposition to HB1175 Tobacco Tax increase

Your testimony does not have to be anything fancy
It just needs to have your name and email address and your opposition to this bill.

I will include a sample that you can cut and paste in your email if you wish
to make it easier. Just add your name and email address at the bottom and send to:


Honorable Senate Ways and Means Committee Members:

I am in strong opposition of HB1175 the unreasonable
proposed tax increase on Tobacco. In these times
of financial hardship, any State Tax Hike on Tobacco
is out of the question. The initial proposal of this bill
was to raise the tax from 10 cents a cigarette to 11 cents
a cigarette, then it morphed into a 14 cent per cigarette
increase. Now that number has swollen to the outrageous
20 cent per cigarette level and 100% increase in taxation.

We have just had to bear the brunt of a 156% Federal Tax
increase to pay for the SCHIP program equaling only 5 cents
per cigarette. You are already collecting double that amount.
And now you want 4 times that amount?

Smokers across the country were already outraged
by SCHIP but that seems like a “bargain basement deal”
compared to this proposal.

I sincerely urge you to reconsider this action and put a stop
to the fleecing of your citizens immediately. Remove
all proposed amendments from HB1175 and leave section
245-3 in it’s original state until the year 2011 as originally
agreed and voted upon.

Do not abuse your powers and continue to stuff your coffers
by inflicting any additional unjustifiable taxation on your

Passage of this legislation will amount to the tyranny
of the majority and the over-burdening of fiscal
responsibility onto the shoulders of the minority
of your citizens.

This, my friends, does not constitute a democracy.




Feel free to add subtract or make any changes … It’s your turn to voice your opinion…
You can also call these people individually as well to reinforce your opposition.
Link to the committee members:

Chair Donna Mercado Kim’s phone number: (808) 587-7200.
Vice Chair Shan Tsutsui’s phone number: (808) 586-7344.

Thank you for your assistance …


Jolyn Tenn
Hawaii Smokers Alliance

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