Bar owners unite,

Meeting of Bar Owners and Management at O’Toole’s Irish Pub this Saturday the 15th at 12 noon.

We seek to unite our owners and operators in an effort preserve our industry as government on all levels seeks to use us as scapegoats during this pandemic. We wish to take legal action against those parts of government who are putting us out of business.

Below, you can get a petition to present to your staff and customers for the government to take a proactive attitude toward our bars.

Also, the letter to the Mayor already delivered by Judy Foster Long

Please Share this info with any bar owners you may know and have them respond to either below by text or email :

Judy Foster Long 808-384-8977
Bill Comerford 808-223-3997

Bar Name:
Email address:
Business phone:
Cell phone:

Meeting information:

O’Toole’s Irish Pub
902 Nuuanu Ave.
Downtown Honolulu

12 Noon on Saturday August 15.

Nearby metered parking at Marin tower on Smith St.

The bar is closed and I cannot serve alcohol, but I’ll provide some coffee, sodas and some light food.

We will follow the Covid rules for separation, mask wearing, and provide seating for up to 50 people to unify the bar owners and management interested in going forward as a group.

We should expect those who are interested in legal action to contribute some funds toward that goal, or at least pledge some funds.

We can address a legal position prior to the meeting on what is the best strategy for action against the Liquor Commission, Mayor, Governor, Health dept. etc.

We can also reach out by Zoom to the prospective group to expand.

We should also approach a couple of attorneys familiar with Liquor law to front our issues.

Let’s work together to grow this group and if you wish we have the Hawaii Bar Owners Association as a legal group to move forward under or put a whole new group together for this purpose.

I have calls in to Anna Hirai and Peter Nakagawa at the LC and asking the manner in which they are enforcing the Mayor’s orders. I will share any new knowledge.

Let’s move forward and get this in action because the last time the mayor said 15 days, it was more like 90, and if he has his way the 3 weeks will end up 3 months.

Let us stay together as a group beyond this one issue because for all those who survive this pandemic, government will come back with its standard means or existence by raising taxes, fees, licenses, etc. They will try again to raise the minimum wage, introduce a family leave bill and continue to put the cost on small business. We will need to be visible at the Legislature and with City Government beyond this one survival issue.

Bar owners, Unite!



Feel free to share this with other owners.

Bill Comerford,
Chairman / Spokesman
Hawaii Bar Owners Association
10 Marin Lane
Honolulu, HI 96817



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