Accommodation for Liquor License Renewal form the Honolulu Liquor Commission

Press Release for immediate publication 6/21/20

The Hawaii Bar Owners Association would like to announce an accommodation provided by the Honolulu Liquor Commission for the benefit of bar owners and liquor licensees of Oahu.

As a result of the Liquor Commission hearing last Thursday, June 6, 2020, a waiver request was granted that could benefit all Oahu licensees for this difficult year of 2020. The Irish Rose Saloon sought a waiver of the payment of the annual renewal fee due on June 30th for an agreed payment over 90 days. The request was granted by the Commission with an agreed payment schedule.

This Commission action will allow other licensees to seek that waiver individually for payment of the renewal fee with an extension of payment to an agreed payment schedule of up to 90 days.

Given the circumstance of the current Corona Virus lockdown a number of on-premise licensees have experienced severe cash flow problems.

This presents problems for both the licensee and the Commission as both need a source of income to operate. The Honolulu Liquor Commission operates separately from State or City & County funding and solely under the license fees they collect from the licensees. To lose the licensee due to a lack of funds on their part and making the annual renewal license fee payment deadline of June 30th impossible to meet would damage both the economy, the licensee, and the Commission.

Licensees have been without income for 90 plus days and are not in the position to currently pay all fees timely.

This arrangement allows for the extension of payment until after the bars have been allowed to operate and re-establish a cash flow. It allows for the licensee’s survival and the continued cash flow to the Commission to continue their operations.

This would provide for an extended period up to 90 days, or September 30, 2020 to complete payment of the license renewal fee per license. Each licensee could arrange, with the administration, a timeline they agree to pay that application fee.

Each licensee would still be responsible to submit by June 30.

  1. A completed Application
  2. Certificate of Insurance (COI) for current $1 million liquor liability
  3. DCCA registration and compliance
  4. Current tax clearances
  5. Submission form requesting an extension of payment (form below.)

The Commission will allow the request to be handled by the administration, providing all other compliance is fulfilled. If a licensee needs an accommodation over and above that provided by the administration, that request will be scheduled for hearing before the Commission at the next available setting.

The required form for submission is available at and must be directed ASAP to

We members of the Hawaii Bar Owners Association would like to thank the very considerate and cooperative individuals involved in providing this solution for 2020. Chairman Joseph O’Donnell, and the fellow commission members, Administration Director Don Pacarro with Assistant Administrator Anna Hirai and Chief Investigator, Peter Nakagawa. We also thank Big Island Director Gerald Takase for his timely suggestion for a current solution.


Bill Comerford
Hawaii Bar Owners Association

Form to request extension of application fee payment
(Feel free to edit. PDF and .DOC below)

Letter of Request for Extension of
Liquor License Renewal Fee payment for FY21

Send to

To the Honolulu Liquor Commission:

I, ________________________________ (Owner, Agent, Manager)

Respectfully ask for an extension of payment for my license renewal fee for

License #: _____________________________

DBA: ________________________________

Renewal Amount: $­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________

…For a period of 30/60/90 (pick/circle one) days after pick-up of the FY21 license and will pay, in full, the above amount within that period, to the Honolulu Liquor Commission.

Proposed payment schedule (weekly, monthly): ___________________

Contact Phone#:  ___________________________________

Email:    ____________________________________________­

__________________________  ­­­­­­______________________

                    Signed                                            Date/Day                                                          


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New Guidance for Bars from the Honolulu Government.

Please contact Bill Comerford for more information and in order to get on a mailing list for receiving updates.

Final Guidance Order from the Mayor’s Office:


Bars Amendment from Mayor’s Proclamation:


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Hawaii’s Small Business Bill of Rights

You might not know about this. Apparently, neither does the Hawaii Government.

You can find it here:

Small business owners and operators should be informed of their rights, responsibilities and obligations and be assured that these rights will be protected throughout their contact with agencies and departments of the State of Hawaii, among them:

  1. The right to expect state agencies to provide a prompt, accurate, and courteous response to a request for information and to work together to ensure ready access to the information needed to assist businesses in their relationships with state government;
  2. The right to a clear, stable, and predictable regulatory and record-keeping environment with easily accessible information and administrative rules in as clear and concise language as is practicable, including the posting of all proposed administrative rule changes on the Internet website of the office of the Lieutenant Governor;
  3. The right to request and receive timely notice of an agency’s rulemaking proceedings. The notice should be mailed to all persons who have made a written request for such a notice;
  4. The right to be treated equally and fairly, with reasonable access to state services;
  5. The right to a one-stop permitting process that will, in the long term, include a centralized Internet website-based application system. This site’s goals are to have quick and responsible time frames to process state and county permits, licenses, registrations, and approvals, when appropriate, to simplify and reduce the filing of forms affecting business;
  6. The right to a timely response to an application for a permit, license, registration, or approval necessary to operate the small business, within the established maximum period of time for that agency in accordance with section 91-13.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes;
  7. The right to renewal of essential permits, licenses, registrations, or approvals, absent a specific reason for non-renewal. All issuing agencies shall take action to grant or deny any renewal application for a business or development-related permit, license, registration, or approval within the established maximum period of time for that agency. The reasons for a denial should be clearly stated and under conditions set forth in law;
  8. Whenever a contested case hearing is provided by law, in the event a regulatory agency takes action against a business, the right to expect a timely hearing. Officials conducting such hearings should be impartial. Small businesses should be provided a full and complete hearing to present their explanation of any alleged violation, deficiency, or wrongdoing. In any hearing, there should be a presumption that the small business did not commit an alleged violation or wrongdoing until the agency proves otherwise by a preponderance of the evidence. The small business should have the right to present evidence, both oral and written. This evidence must be fully considered by the agency. In the event of an unfavorable decision, the business should have the right to a judicial review pursuant to section 91-14, Hawaii Revised Statutes;
  9. The right to privacy regarding confidential and proprietary business information when competing for state procurement contracts. No state agency shall mandate the disclosure of confidential or proprietary business information as a condition of obtaining any contract or payment under any contract when a contract is to be awarded on a firm fixed price or cost plus fixed price basis;
  10. The right to all of the protections afforded in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, P.L. 104-168;
  11. The right to submit complaints regarding a violation of these rights or any other administrative acts of state and county agencies with the office of the ombudsman, in accordance with chapter 96, Hawaii Revised Statutes;
  12. The right to request information and an opinion from the office of information practices, in accordance with chapters 92 and 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes, with regard to access to information from public meetings or the release of government documents;
  13. The right to provide information to the division of consumer advocacy in accordance with chapter 269, Hawaii Revised Statutes, with regard to issues under the purview of the public utilities commission;
  14. The right to request information from the Office of Consumer Protection, in accordance with chapter 487, Hawaii Revised Statutes, with regard to business and consumer issues;
  15. The right to access the small business advocate in the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism regarding any dispute with a state agency to ensure government resources are coordinated on behalf of small business and the rights of businesses are being upheld; and
  16. The right to administrative rule review pursuant to the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act by filing a petition with the small business regulatory review board in accordance with section 201M-6, Hawaii Revised Statutes.
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