Agenda and Minutes | 3/21/16

Hawaii Bar Owners Association (HIBOA) General Meeting   Date:  March 21, 2016 Time:  6:00 p.m. Pl

HIBOA Board Elections

HIBOA board elections will be held on Thursday, October 8th at 5:30 pm in the Celtic Room at O’

Proposed changes to & comments on Liquor Collection Rules – 12/10/13

The Liquor Commission hearing on these changes is on Thursday, Dec 12th at 3pm.  Please read our co


Agenda and Minutes | 3/21/16

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real1Hawaii Bar Owners Association (HIBOA) General Meeting
Date:  March 21, 2016
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Place: Real Gastropub
1.     Introductions
2.     Call for New Business
            -Chinatown Safety issues
            -Chinatown business organization
3.     January 11, 2016  Meeting Summary
Move to call Summary Minutes to follow traditional format of summarizing meetings
Action: Board accepts draft meeting summary (as is or with changes)
4.     Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation – Bill
Action: Review and approve final draft of HIBOA bylaws and articles of incorporation, discuss next steps (DCCA, banking)
            Reviewed by Kenneth Hoo
            Pending DCCA Filing Documents / Registration /
            Federal ID# / Nonprofit filing / Bank Account
5.     Membership Recruitment
Action: Develop recruitment strategy: who, what, when
6. subscription – Nicole
Action: Review subscription benefits, decide whether or not to pursue
7.     Rule Changes / Legislation – Nicole
Noise- Anonymous complaints nothing in liquor law or rules demanding Anon.
Action: Re: anonymous complaints review what other cities do, decide how to proceed
Action: Re: sound rules, review previous rulemaking committee information and “trial status” of current rules
Action: What issues does HIBOA want to focus in in 2016 (anonymous complaints, sound rules, LC pre-hearing requirement
8.         2016 legislative session
            Key Bills
            SB2503   BAC level .06  Deferred most prefer stiffer penalties for higher levels
HB2249   Noise issues db levels Deferred may have to contend on city level
            HB2251 Recycling fees Dropped fees & calls for DOH to study and report to leg  
            SB2694 Independent Contractors Very much alive and of concern (musicians)
            HB1790  Maui County LC use of 10% of fines for HS Alcohol training no actions
Establish communication line for future testimony on bills
            Appearing at legislature / lobbying / opposition vs pro actions
9.         Liquor Commission
            Stings uncertain of status
            New Licenses / acceptable by LC standards 
            Pro business bills in legisature stifled by JUD / Rhoads
            Suggestion to contend against Rhoads from    
Smoking 21 years of age
            E & J Case- no determination
10.     New Business
11.     Wrap Up
–       Agreements
–       Assignments / Next steps
–       Next meeting

HIBOA Board Elections

September 23, 2015 in 2015

HIBOA flyerHIBOA board elections will be held on Thursday, October 8th at 5:30 pm in the Celtic Room at O’Toole’s.  If you wish to join the organization or run for the Board, please come down to the meeting.

Proposed changes to & comments on Liquor Collection Rules – 12/10/13

December 10, 2013 in 2013, Important

The Liquor Commission hearing on these changes is on Thursday, Dec 12th at 3pm.  Please read our concerns, come to the hearing and testify with us.

Proposed Amendments to

Rules of the Liquor Commission of the City and County of Honolulu (2008)

Note: Material to be repealed is [bracketed].

New material is underscored.

All rule changes & comments under the cut.

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A hearing on proposed Liquor Commision rules

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A hearing will be held at The Liquor Commission for the proposed rule changes.

Thursday December 12th at 4:30pm.


711 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 600

Honolulu, HI 96813


Hearing notice at



Amendments at



The proposed rule changes can be seen at




You can also find my review of the original proposed amendments with my commentary on them here.  (I have not had the time yet to review the rules as newly posted.) These can help you form comment upon the rules and allow you to give testimony on them.

Written Testimony can be presented to the Commission by mail, email, fax or hand delivery but must be submitted by 4:30pm on December 11, 2013 to be admitted into the hearing record.

FAX:  808-768-7311



This is a very genuine effort by the liquor commission to involve us in the rule making process and we should all take advantage of this opportunity. Be constructive and point out our viewpoints on these issues so they can create rules that are clear, appropriate and not open to misinterpretation. This benefits all of us in the industry. Write you opinions or be there.


As more information is available from us I will keep you informed.




Bill Comerford,


Hawaii Bar Owners Association

October Whiskey Tasting

September 11, 2013 in 2013

Whiskey-poster 10-13October’s Whiskey Tasting will be at Anna O’Brien’s.  Starts at 6:30 pm, $25 per person, max of 25 people.  Call 521-4712 to reserve a seat.

Whiskey Tasting benefit at Anna’s

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Whiskey-poster 4-13 List

Comments on Liquor Commission Rule Changes

April 16, 2013 in 2013, Issue

Comments on the Proposed Rule Amendments

Bill Comerford

Spokesman for the Hawaii Bar Owners Association

10 Marin Lane, Honolulu, HI 96817

808-521-4712, 808-223-3997 1/7/13

Thank you for the opportunity to provide commentary upon these rule amendments.

I fully understand that the efforts here are genuine with the intent to comply with existing or new law. As a representative of the Bar Industry I feel it is important to view the practicality and simplicity in new rules so their implementation becomes easier and compliance is understood. In that effort I ask what the purpose and intent of a rule so it achieves that goal and does not lead to future confusion in interpretation by licensees, investigators and the commission. Often times we see rules written for an intended purpose in the past evolving into enforcement for a different issue currently. This is often ill-fitting and thus leads to confusion and questions on both sides of enforcement and compliance.

Another big issue that arises is that often many rules and regulations are generated to control the fringes of the industry often the Hostess and Strip Club industry yet upon creation rules are then enforced upon the general industry often creating adverse circumstances for general operators within the industry. Essentially more regulation or rules impeding business that is of little issue to those businesses. I would seek that when creating these rules this is kept in mind.

Lastly I would ask that the commission recognize that Hawaii is a destination point for people from around the world and we often have a huge mixture of people in a room often not English speaking so it becomes important that the rules are simple enough to make the customers understand because they are the ultimate consumer within the industry and often those upon who the rules will be ultimately fall.

Thus we should seek rules that are clear, with defined purpose that can be understood and implemented within the industry and enforced with direction for the industry, community and government’s benefit. Given that I look at these rules from the licensee’s viewpoint to provide you that perspective.

I have listed the items of consideration in the rules in bold print and then my comments and questions in italics.

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Bills HB1469, SB324 – Smoking ban exemptions for bars

February 28, 2013 in 2012, Important, Issue, Smoking

 Senate Bill SB 324 and House Bill 1469 are currently being held up in committee – these are bills which would allow exemptions to the current smoking ban for bars only.

We’re asking you  to help submit testimony and get these bills brought forward.

This is a concern because of the results of the past year – of 15 carbaret licenses in Waikiki in 2011, five closed, and two are expected to close within a year.  In the space of a year, 4am operations are down 33%, and inside of two years it is expected to be down almost 50%.  This is a direct result of the smoking ban forcing customers outside, into a public space which we as owners and operators cannot police.

Please call or email one or both of the following people asking to get this bill heard, as currently they are not holding any hearings on it:

Della Au Belatti
House District 24
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 331
phone: 808-586-9425

Josh Green
Senate District 3
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 215
phone: 808-586-9385
fax: 808-586-9391

A form letter can be copied from here, make any edits you need to, sign your name to the bottom, and fire off that email!

Senator Green/Representative Belatti,

I write to you concerned that SB324/HB1469, the smoking exemption bill for bars and nightclubs is not getting the attention it deserves.  As of 2012 a full third of all 4am bars in Waikiki have shut their doors for good.  This stems from numerous problems cause by forcing intoxicated patrons outside the premises to smoke, where management and owners have no right or ability to control their noise or behavior.  When inside the bar, patrons do not want to risk being ejected and moderate their behavior.  The bars also contain the patrons’ noise and litter.  Please let this bill be heard so that patrons can be kept in the bars, and we can all breathe easier.


<Your Name>


Message from HIBOA on smoking ban exemptions

February 28, 2013 in 2012, Important, Issue, Smoking

I support the passage of HB1469.



Dear Representatives,


I speak to you today as a representative of the Hawaii Bar Owners Association. Many of those bar owners involved 7 years ago are no longer in our industry many directly as a result of the smoking ban but also as result of the reactionary legislation that has followed that ban.


7 years ago after the passing of the ban I asked these questions; to the legislature, neighborhood boards and the press.


Do you want litter on your streets and sidewalks?


Do you want noise on the streets and sidewalks until 4am every night?


Do you want fights and violence on the streets and sidewalks nightly?


Every one said no.


Well that is the effect of every smoking ban ever created. Our patrons have been inside the bars for many long years without these problems blooming. I forewarned these things and warned that the reactionary measures to come would threaten our industry.

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Whiskey tasting 2/13

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Whiskey-poster 2-13 We’ll be having a whiskey tasting on the 20th of February! 6:30 pm at Kelley O’Neil’s, $25 per person.