Agenda and Minutes | 3/21/16

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real1Hawaii Bar Owners Association (HIBOA) General Meeting
Date:  March 21, 2016
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Place: Real Gastropub
1.     Introductions
2.     Call for New Business
            -Chinatown Safety issues
            -Chinatown business organization
3.     January 11, 2016  Meeting Summary
Move to call Summary Minutes to follow traditional format of summarizing meetings
Action: Board accepts draft meeting summary (as is or with changes)
4.     Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation – Bill
Action: Review and approve final draft of HIBOA bylaws and articles of incorporation, discuss next steps (DCCA, banking)
            Reviewed by Kenneth Hoo
            Pending DCCA Filing Documents / Registration /
            Federal ID# / Nonprofit filing / Bank Account
5.     Membership Recruitment
Action: Develop recruitment strategy: who, what, when
6. subscription – Nicole
Action: Review subscription benefits, decide whether or not to pursue
7.     Rule Changes / Legislation – Nicole
Noise- Anonymous complaints nothing in liquor law or rules demanding Anon.
Action: Re: anonymous complaints review what other cities do, decide how to proceed
Action: Re: sound rules, review previous rulemaking committee information and “trial status” of current rules
Action: What issues does HIBOA want to focus in in 2016 (anonymous complaints, sound rules, LC pre-hearing requirement
8.         2016 legislative session
            Key Bills
            SB2503   BAC level .06  Deferred most prefer stiffer penalties for higher levels
HB2249   Noise issues db levels Deferred may have to contend on city level
            HB2251 Recycling fees Dropped fees & calls for DOH to study and report to leg  
            SB2694 Independent Contractors Very much alive and of concern (musicians)
            HB1790  Maui County LC use of 10% of fines for HS Alcohol training no actions
Establish communication line for future testimony on bills
            Appearing at legislature / lobbying / opposition vs pro actions
9.         Liquor Commission
            Stings uncertain of status
            New Licenses / acceptable by LC standards 
            Pro business bills in legisature stifled by JUD / Rhoads
            Suggestion to contend against Rhoads from    
Smoking 21 years of age
            E & J Case- no determination
10.     New Business
11.     Wrap Up
–       Agreements
–       Assignments / Next steps
–       Next meeting

A hearing on proposed Liquor Commision rules

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A hearing will be held at The Liquor Commission for the proposed rule changes.

Thursday December 12th at 4:30pm.


711 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 600

Honolulu, HI 96813


Hearing notice at



Amendments at



The proposed rule changes can be seen at




You can also find my review of the original proposed amendments with my commentary on them here.  (I have not had the time yet to review the rules as newly posted.) These can help you form comment upon the rules and allow you to give testimony on them.

Written Testimony can be presented to the Commission by mail, email, fax or hand delivery but must be submitted by 4:30pm on December 11, 2013 to be admitted into the hearing record.

FAX:  808-768-7311



This is a very genuine effort by the liquor commission to involve us in the rule making process and we should all take advantage of this opportunity. Be constructive and point out our viewpoints on these issues so they can create rules that are clear, appropriate and not open to misinterpretation. This benefits all of us in the industry. Write you opinions or be there.


As more information is available from us I will keep you informed.




Bill Comerford,


Hawaii Bar Owners Association

Whiskey Tasting benefit at Anna’s

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Whiskey-poster 4-13 List

Whiskey tasting 2/13

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Whiskey-poster 2-13 We’ll be having a whiskey tasting on the 20th of February! 6:30 pm at Kelley O’Neil’s, $25 per person.

Whiskey Tasting 1/12

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Whiskey-poster 1-13_web  We’re having a special tasting with Rick Edwards – a Glenlivet Master of Whiskeys! Take this opportunity to get a taste of several fine Glenlivet whiskeys!

4 different Glenlivet whiskeys, along with Abelour, Chivas Regal 18 and more!  Pupu’s will be served to whet your hunger.

$50 at the door, Monday, January 14th at 6:30 pm at O’Toole’s.

Call 521-4712 or email for reservations

Whiskey tasting Fundraiser 12/12

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We’ve got another whiskey tasting benefit going at the Irish Rose Saloon – try 6 good whiskeys for only $25!

Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser 11/21

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A new whiskey tasting is just around the corner with a new set of whiskeys! Please come down and try some fine whiskey and support us!

Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser 10/24/12

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Our next Whiskey Tasting is on October 24th, at Anna O’Brien’s.  $25 gets you 6 different whiskeys!

Whiskey Tasting Benefit! 8/15/12

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A whiskey tasting to benefit HIBOA will be held at Kelley O’Neil’s Next week, Wed. Aug 15th.  Try six different fine whiskeys for $25, with proceeds going to benefit HIBOA.

HIBOA – who we are

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HiBOA™ (Hawaii Bar Owners Association) is an organization of  owners of licensed liquor establishments who serve alcohol in the State of Hawaii. 

Establishments include, but are not limited to, bars, pubs, saloons, restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, and any other establishment that has a license to dispense liquor. 

HiBOA is a non profit organization whose goal is to focus on issues which pertain
mainly to the everyday operation of our business and, together as an Association,
lobby our legislators and have our voices heard regarding rules, regulations,
and laws that affect our everyday operation.

In the past few years, the laws that have been passed through legislature were passed without any thought or regard for the benefit of people in our industry
(an industry that contributes millions of dollars a year to this State and its economy). 

The following are just a few of the laws that have to be addressed and / or revised:

  1. The bottle bill (it costs each and every one of us thousands of dollars a year)

  2. The minimum wage increase which goes into effect beginning January ‘07

  3. The general excise tax which also goes into effect in January ’07

  4. The most recent smoking bill which we believe is unconstitutional

Won’t you please join us to have your voice heard?  The cost at this time is absolutely nothing.  We may require a small donation later on as we accumulate legal fees
but I am sure that it will be nominal.  It will be a change for the better.

Please email or phone your company name, address, phone number,
and the contact person we can correspond with for future information. 

Only together will we make a difference.

Thank you,

Fred Remington
Vice President

E & J Lounge Operating Co.
307 Lewers St. Suite 200
Honolulu, HI  96815-2361
(808) 479-0782 cell
(808) 926-4711 office  (808) 924-5420 fax